hands holding pearls and jeweled clasp

I Love Pearls

The “Pretty Pearl” Collection

Spangles Custom Jewelry Designs is excited to announce the arrival of the new Pretty Pearl necklace collection! Each unique necklace has been hand-crafted by MaryLou Spang and features an array of luminous pearls and vibrant crystals.

woman wearing pearl necklace with a collection of bead and pearl necklaces

On display is an assortment of just some of the colors and styles of Pretty Pearl necklaces available for immediate sale. The necklace MaryLou is wearing is approximately 24 inches in length and contains freshwater round and coin pearls with Jet black crystals. MaryLou can also customize matching earrings like those she is wearing.

strings of pearls and colored beads

Choose your favorite style of pearls. The necklaces pictured above include Biwa stick pearls, round pearls, pillow pearls, coin pearls and round pearls studded with crystals.